Interview with Reel Big Fish

Before his show in San Diego at the House Of Blues, Johnny Christmas from Reel Big Fish sat down for an interview.
He talked about the 20th anniversary of Turn The Radio Off, playing in a Metal Stage at a music festival, and all the sleep you don't get when you're a father.

Johnny Christmas also played something we like to call 3-in-1.
A game where multiple envelopes are laid out in front of the player. Each envelope contains a set of three questions of a certain topic. All topics are unknown except one: Personal. Player will answer all 3 questions inside one chosen envelope.

Here are a couple of portraits taken of Johnny right after the interview. Flash was acting a little strange, so guessing was a HUGE part of this mini-photoshoot.

It's important to mention that not every photo comes out exactly like one wants it too, especially if the equipment is acting up. So, here are a few more photos that didn't come out as good as I wanted them to.